Designed and built for Safelincs at the Fascilities Show 2022

  • Venue: Excel London
  • 36m2 island space 
  • Custom Bespoke Modular Structure – To be reused on smaller events 


  • Presenting & displaying their products & 5 separate sub brands.
  • Space to display logos, brief description/usps and actual product for each sub-brand.
  • Products included: 
    • Evacuations chair, 
    • Fire Alarms,
    • Fire Door & Accessorie,
    • First Aid and Defibrillators.
  • Smaller products to be secured so they cannot be taken from the stand.
  • Sub brands not to be lost with the design.
  • Safelincs to be the main branding.
  • The stand should present Safelincs as a one stop solution for all things fire and safety.
  • The Safelincs brand should ideally be seen from a distance across the hall – perhaps use an elevated structure with our logo.

Within this design it was about allowing each brand to have room to breath.  Display their products & information panels without creating a congested muddled look to the space.  

Being that it was an island space we wanted to maintain an openness to the stand, allowing all brands to be seen and not be hided away.  Whilst at the same time knowing we had to create structure that was modular, be used in smaller spaces and provide good height .

As you can see we managed to create, an open, clean, uncluttered design that provided 4m in height.  Each of the individual brands had their own space without overwhelming each other.

Clear and concise branding with plenty of wall space for graphic and product placement.  

The modularity of this design worked great, it could be easily utilized in smaller spaces such as 5m by 3m & 4m by 3m both with 2 sides open.  Even with such tight spaces it still provide an open, clean, uncluttered space.


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